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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator [AT-710M]

Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch) enables easy key entry.

Refractometer [RA-620 / 600]

 Measuring Range (nD) 1.32000 – 1.58000 1.3200 – 1.7000

Temperature Control Peltier Thermostat 5 – 75℃

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Density / Specific Gravity Meter [DA-650/ 645/ 640]

Equipped with sampling and dry pump

Measuring Range:±0 – 3 g/cm3,Temp Range:±0 – 96℃ (32 – 204.8°F)

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Karl Fischer

Karl Fischer moisture titrator (Coulometric titration) [MKC-710S]

Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch) enables easy key entry

Reduction of power consumption by 30% compared with the conventional product

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 GC & HPLC Autosampler

HT3000A autosampler is designed for gas-chromatographic techniques; it takes advantage of today’s latest technology to deliver reliability, performance and flexibility.

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Tablet Disolution

Physical Testers


Disintegration Testing



Hardness Testing Instrument with Integrated Printer

Fully USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> compliant

Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes

PTWS 120S – Compact 6-Position Individual Speed Dissolution Testing Instrument

The PTWS 120s features individual speed setting for each of the 6 stirrer positions and is controlled using a large, color touch screen.

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PTF 10E and PTF 10ER

Single Drum, Fixed or Variable Speed Friabilitor

All Pharma Test tablet friability test instruments are fully USP <1216> and EP <2.9.7> compliant

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DIST3, Triple Basket Tablet Disintigration Tester

The Triple Basket Disintegration Tester DIST3 operates 3 Baskets which are connected to a central stroke arm.

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T70, UV/VIS Split-Beam Spectrophotometer

The T70 series of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer offer

excellent performance, high quality

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Pilot Plant and Small Batch Production System

Full range of attachments including mixers, filling & dosing instruments, processing instruments and small scale tablet presses

Pilot Plant System based on UAM universal motor drive

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Technical Support

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Pharmaceutical & Analytical

Thermal Measuring

 Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter [QTM-710/QTM-700]

QTM-710/QTM-700 can measure thermal conductivity of uniform material easily in a short time.

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Azzota SE-3000, 4nm Single Beam Scanning Stand-Alone UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

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pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity

pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Temperature In-line Analyzer.pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and temperature tester with a graphic LCD display that simultaneously displays all functions of pH and Conductivity

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